Аутор Тема: Milovic and Sijakinjic from Trnava/Uzice  (Прочитано 511 пута)

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Milovic and Sijakinjic from Trnava/Uzice
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Hi there,

I have been researching my family tree for a number of years now and had struggled with my Serbian side until a few years ago where my countless posting on Facebook into groups to do with Serbian genealogy, Uzice and Trnava. I received a message from someone from Serbia with a book covering the family histories of the village of Trnava and it included my Dad and Aunt and Uncle! All listed as living in England which is correct, from here I was able to trace back a couple of generations. I was also able to reconnect with my cousins still living in Uzice of relation to my Dad and Grandad - they sent a message of baby photos of me with family that my Grandad had posted them while he was alive.

I was just hoping to get some help on where to go next to find out further information if possible on this line. It starts with my Grandad - Milan Milovic born in Uzice 1920 - died in Salford, Manchester UK 1994. He married my Nana Lilian here in Manchester and they had my Dad, Aunt and Uncle - Andrew, Maria and Peter.

I have his parents as Milosh Milovic 1883 - 1942 Uzice, Serbia. My Grandad Milan's mother was his second wife - a Maria Sijakinjic 1889 - 1951 also listed Uzice, Serbia. I have hit a dead end with her line unfortunately but would love to be able to find out more.

Milosh parents I have as Vukasin Milovic 1843 - 1913 Trnava, Yugoslavia and Stanica Petrovic 1843 - ? also a dead end on her line.

Vukasin's parents I have as Jakov Milovic 1811 - 1873 and Jefimija ? 1823 - 1877 no further info on her.

Jakov's parents I have as Perisa Milovic and Marija no further info.

Perisa I only have his father a Milo Milovic born 1700 from Kosijeri Cetinje Montenegro.

Sorry for the long winded message, I just was hoping to find a way I can look further into these lines, if possible. The man who helped me with the book on families of Trnava explained to me the majority of my ancestors used the White Church in Karan and I hope to one day visit there when I manage to get to Serbia, I would like to use the trip to find out more but with language barriers I am worried how this would go.

Any help is much appreciated, thank you very much.