Аутор Тема: I-M253>Z63>Y2245/PR683*>L1237>Y6634>FGC9550  (Прочитано 245 пута)

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Haplogroup I1-M253-Z63-Y2245-L1237-FGC9550 is about 2600 to 2800 years old and present in many parts of Europe. On 23andMe, YFull, and on FamilyTreeDNA, we can see the western branches in England, Italy, Spain, Germany...  and Eastern branches in Ukraine, Russia, Serbia, Bosnia, and Hercegovina, Croatia, Bulgaria, Romania... The splitting to West and East seems to be at SNP FT165786+ and later, as it can be seen at FamilyTreeDNA and probably at YFull soon.

This FGC9550 group of I-M253 is sometimes listed as closely related SNP with the name FGC9549. If you tested positive for I-M253 and FGC9550 at 23andMe or for FGC9549 and FGC9550 at FTDNA you can ask for help and explanation here. If you prefer to talk with me in private, please send me a message by clicking the small right icon below my profile heading.