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--- Цитат ---Presenting photos, news and reviews about archaeological discoveries in Serbia / Slike, vesti i izveštaji o arheološkim otkrićima na području Srbije
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Territory of present-day Serbia has been home to many cultures since the dawn of humanity in Europe. Some of them originated here, and others came together with conquerors. Starting with the stone age cultures, over bronze and iron age, up to Balcanic tribes, ancient Greeks and Romans, Byzantines, Serbs, Turks.... all of them left rich traces and heritage in Serbia. Lepenski vir was one of the first European cultures with traces of art and architecture, followed by famous Vinča culture, and many scholars agree that Serbia is place where world metallurgy started for the first time. There are more prehistoric cultures, such as Žuto brdo, Starčevo, together with pre-Roman Balcan culture carried out mostly by Illyrians, Celts and other tribes. Most archaeological material comes from ancient Romans, who left us enormous ammount of treasure that has yet to be discovered. Serbian state exist since 8th century, and during past 12 centuries Serbian culture was influenced by Romans, Byzantines, Western Europeans, Turks, Russians..... So, follow us and check our posts about archaeological treasures of Serbia on daily basis. Welcome!
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