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Any Albanians on this forum?

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--- Цитат: rugovac  Мај 24, 2021, 10:42:43 поподне ---
Tung djaloshi, Beter speak english. We are in their house. Only Lajqi in PlavaeGucia are in Jasenica, if do not count ex Nokshiqanet whose se moved in Dukagjin after 1945. [size=78%]Today they have surname Rugova or Rugovac. [/size]

They are not link with family Rugova in Hakaj. They are origin from Kuqishta and they are connected with Lecaj from Martinaj.
That is for start

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Yes, I am related not with Lecaj but with Hasangjekaj instead. Although closest match for me is Qosaj, I don't know if Hasangjekaj takes test yet, but obviously one the more older surnames in Martinaj. =) I think previous surname before Lajqi was Brujci? Something with B, thank you


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