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Barać (Dane) Ilija, rođen 1902. Srbin, poginuo 1944. u NOBu, Svračkovi selo (0935075046)
Barać (Dane) Ilija, born in 1902. Serb, died in 1944 in the National Liberation War, Svračkovi selo (0935075046)

I understand everything except for (Dane), would Dane be father's name?

Yes, you are exactly right.

Thank you.


--- Цитат: Gary.b  Август 24, 2020, 07:53:55 пре подне ---Thank you.

--- Крај цитата ---

Gary, just in case you are not aware, because Michelle, your fellow Serb-US citizen, was not, if you can read Cyrillic, you can check all people who were either permanent or temporary residents in Belgrade roughly 1919-1952 and there are quite a few Baraćs there, I believe close to 150. Perhaps one or more of them are distantly related to you.

Check https://www.digitalni.arhiv-beograda.org/ and then in the drop down menu choose "Register of Inhabitants...". You will need to register but is is fairly straightforward. I discovered data about a relative I was looking for there and bumped into one I had only vaguely heard about previously.



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