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More questions about Podlapaca

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Thank you Jovica,

I would like more information of FGC22054.
I also have been attempting to read the church registries for Podlapaca, Orthodox. I'm thought google translation about to see Cyrillic, so very hard for me. I don't know what most of the Serbo-Croatian Cyrillic mean. Also I'm wondering why the Podlapaca is Roman Catholic but the registries are Cyrillic/Latin.

Thank you again.
Gary.b (Gary Barach)
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Maybe they converted to Uniats or Catholics in some moment? It is symptomatic that there was Serbian Orthodox Church, built in 1750, and destroyed in WW2, and looking to the censuses after WW2, you can see that the village is inhabited mostly by Croats. Why would someone built an Serbian Orthodox Church if there were not Serbs? Maybe they became Catholics, but they kept old Cyrillic script.

Maybe someone else would know, but as I can conclude, Podlapača as village were always mostly dominated by Catholics, but Podlapača as municipality in first half of XX century it was donimated by Orthodox, in 1905, it has 5734 inhabitants, from which 3580 of them were Orthodox (62%), in 1931, it had 4779 inhabitants, from which 3022 were Orthodox and 1757 were Catholics.

The village had three Serbian houses in 1768, and it had probably the same after WW2, but still I don't get it, why the Orthodox built church there, and not in neighbor village, where they were dominated?

This has to do with the way civil parishes were organized.  Podlapača as a civil parish included the eponymous village, as well as Tolić, Pisač, Svračkovo Selo, and Čorkovo Selo.  Čorkovo Selo and Podlapača were Catholic, Pisač and Svračkovo Selo were Orthodox, and Tolić was mixed.  The Orthodox parish of Podlapača covered the same area as the civil parish and was named after it.  The actual parish church was in Svračkovo selo.  It was dedicated to the Dormition of the Mother of God and build in 1750 and severely damaged in WW2. 

The church registers are definitely for that Orthodox parish, but they seem to only cover 1857-1859. 

Thanks to Pavo and Amicus
That would make sense. I did see a cemetery in Svračkovo Selo on google maps. I found it on a google search to a wiki page and will study it.


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