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Looking for a Batalo interested in testing - patron St. Basil the Great

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--- Цитат: Michelle Batalo Mills  Септембар 19, 2020, 01:02:03 пре подне ---Oh thanks for sharing.  Yes...most Serbian Americans I know...last name ends in -ich.  How do you pronounce Batalovic?

For Batalo... Serbs put the sound emphasis on the Ba.  Is it the same for this?  Like BA ta lo vich?

Not to make you cringe but Batalo has been Americanized and is pronounced Ba towl o.   :-\

I double checked my great uncles documents and we definitely celebrated on January 14th.  So it is St. Vasilije for my Batalo.

--- Крај цитата ---

Yes, I understand....
But, very interesting is distribution surnames with Batalo: Batalo, Batalov, Batalo-vic (Баталовић) in Austria- Hungary monarchy. J believe - Serbs.



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