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Barac in Podlapaca / Svrackoro Selo parish area 1900-1939

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This was taken from a professional Genealogy in Zagreb.

( based on 2 hours of my work in Zagreb's archives  and at home Nov 6 and 7, 1019 )

I checked from parish Svrackovo Selo:

Births: 1900-1918

Weddings: 1900-1939


Your family lived in Svračkovo Selo 36/138:


Dane ( = Danijel)  and Jeka ( = Helena) Barac had sons:

1. Đurađ, b. in 1899; he marrie don Jan 22, 1917 with Jeka Vranješ ( b. in 1892 to parents Marko and Bozica Vranješ from Visuć 8)

2. Ilija, b. on Jan 17, 1902; he married on Apr 18, 1920 with Stoja Vukmirovic ( b. in 1897)


 IN Svračkovo Selo 36 also lived following people:


Isak and Sofija Barac had son:

1. Jovan, b. in 1859+ before 1925 ; his first wife was Bozica ( died before 1920). They had children:

                1.1.Marko, b. in 1882; he married in 1920 with Marija Vukovic

                1.2.Milica, b. in 1891; she married in 1913 with Rade Vukmirovic

                1.3. Anđelija, b. in 1894; she married in 1919 with Vukolaj Štetić

Jovan married second time in 1920 with Bozica widow Panjkovic



Isak and Milica Barac had son:

1. Ilija, b. in 1854; he married as widower in 1901 with widow Sofija ??


Manojlo ( Maniša) and Deva Barac had children:

1. Mile, b. in 1901

2. Maniša, b. in 1907+ in Gospic on May 14, 1976

I can't conclude how this people are connected with your close family.

This is the church in Svrackoro Selo  https://ssr.org.rs/prikupljanje-pomoci-za-obnovu-crkve-uspenja-presvete-bogorodice-u-svrackovom-selu-u-opstini-udbina/?lang=en

Hi Gary,

I assume your ancestor are Krajina Serbs and you are after info on Barać from Podlapaća/Svraćkovo Selo? Have done any Y-DNA testing?

I suppose this is the same Gary Barac who i have as one of the closest Big Y matches. Same as me he belongs to the Drobnjak cluster.

yDNA I-FGC22054 Big Y 500
mtDNA   H2a2b1a*

23andME and FTDNA
Also YFull.com

I have earlier posts.

Yes, I can see now.

Have you join Serbian DNA Project on FTDNA?



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